WHAT IS the commons?

For the students of Southeast Wisconsin’s colleges and universities, The Commons is an opportunity to get firmly planted in the region’s growing innovation economy. It's a chance to put skills to the test with real-world projects, work with talented peers and find the mentorship / networking opportunities that (pardon the cliche) are game-changers for their career paths. 

For the region’s academic and business community, this is an unparalleled level of collaboration, creating a vast web of connections and opportunity to retain our best and brightest collegiate students. The Commons is reshaping the economic landscape of Southeast Wisconsin.



The Commons nine week "skills accelerator" gives highly-motivated and talented college students the training, connections and experience needed to develop the skills necessary for the careers of tomorrow. We teach collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking through the exercise of entrepreneurship.



Our team

The Commons Team.png

THe commons council

Nancy Blair, Rick Carpenter, Matt Cordio, Jeremy Fojut, Jan van den Kieboom, Dan Nelson, Guy Russ, Dave Sachse Jr., Julia Taylor, Michael VanDerhoef