Fall 2014 - Spring 2015

In early November 2014, we kicked off our first "pilot" class. Over 140 students from 19 of Southeast Wisconsin's universities gathered to spend three days building a startup or working on business challenges. They then continued refining their projects through our spring workshop series. 



CLASS OF Fall 2015

For our second class, we refined and condensed the program into 10 weeks of entrepreneurial training with a heavier emphasis on mentorship, role identification and soft skill development. Check out the video and gallery below!






CLASS of Spring 2016

For our third class, we again tightened up the overall program structure, developed a full set of learning outcomes and assessment methodology for academic rigor and placed more emphasis on building our students' professional networks. We're now proving that this thing works! Pictures of very talented people below.




Over half of our academic partners are now offering credit for participation, we've placed more meaningful structure around mentorship and we created a physical "workbook" to help students navigate and document the experience. Time to knock it out of the park! 


high school pilot program

We tested out a pilot program for our area high schools, which brought together 70 awesome students from 18 local high schools for a 2-day "innovation sprint"


SHEBOYGAN pilot program

We then tested out a pilot program for the colleges in the Sheboygan, Fond du Lac, Manitowoc and Washington County area. Nearly 60 rockstar students from 9 local colleges came together for another 2-day "innovation sprint"