A new approach to talent ecosystems



For the past five years, we’ve been working with Milwaukee-area high schools, colleges, businesses, and community organizations to build a vibrant ecosystem of the most driven talent in our region.

We partner with local companies and community organizations to craft unique innovation experiences that develop skills, inspire curiosity, celebrate diversity, produce meaningful impact, and build professional connections. We use the entrepreneurial mindset and design thinking process to create the perfect environment for people of any age, background, or skill set to collaborate and grow.

It’s fast-paced. It’s experiential. It’s fun. 

For emerging talent, we’re your direct connection to the great professionals and organizations doing cool things in our region. For local businesses, we’re the hands-on regional talent strategy that your organization needs to attract, develop and retain future-thinking problem solvers. 

We’re ready to get you plugged in!


Who are we? 

As an initiative of The Greater Milwaukee Committee, we’re a group of passionate Milwaukeeans that wake up every morning thinking, “What if we...?” We constantly strive to build new partnerships, inspire a more leaderful community, and see to it that everyone knows how much opportunity the Milwaukee region presents. 

We created The Commons with the belief that our region is positioned to be the most collaborative, connected, and active talent ecosystem in the country.

The Commons is an initiative of The Greater Milwaukee Committee, a non-profit civic organization dedicated to making the region the best place to live, learn, work, play and stay. Nearly 200 local CEOs and community leaders come together to support the GMC mission. The Commons is chaired by

  • Todd Teske (CEO of Briggs & Stratton)

  • Jonas Prising (CEO of ManpowerGroup)

  • Dr. Michael Lovell (President of Marquette University).