The Commons is an exclusive program designed to help you understand how to creatively solve big problems. We find the most motivated collegiate minds from across the region, throw you into the deep end of innovation and give you direct access to a network of professionals you won’t find anywhere else.

And you’ve been chosen to represent your school! 


Not to hype it up too much, but this is kind of a big deal. We’ve only distributed 250 of these special invitations and receiving one gets you guaranteed access to any of our Spring 2019 Innovation Series events. These are free, single-day innovation competitions. If you make the choice to join us, you’ll also be given special access to other exclusive events we have coming up in the spring.



We have three Innovation Series events lined up for the spring. The dates are listed below. Times may vary, but none will begin earlier than 8:30am and none will complete later than 6:00pm. The times may vary because the specific locations may also vary. Either way, we’ll always begin in downtown Milwaukee and if there’s any additional traveling involved, we’ll provide the transportation from downtown!

EVENT #1: Saturday, March 2nd
EVENT #3: Saturday, March 30th
EVENT #4: Saturday, April 6th

Wait, don’t we run some sort of semester-long program too? We do! You can indicate your interest in our Spring Skills Accelerator in the application below. If you’d like to learn more about that program, click here!


Each event will feature different companies and different challenges and it’ll be a secret until you get there. But rest assured, you’ll explore new technology, utilize human-centered design thinking and practice strategic disruption. You’ll do all of this on a cross-functional team of other talented students from across the region and get guidance from a variety of mentoring professionals.


If you have questions on anything, please email Joe Poeschl, our Program Director, at


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What's your name?
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Please note that you'll automatically be admitted for any of the Innovation Series events, but selecting the Skills Accelerator will require a formal review and admittance process, as spots are very limited for that program. If you choose the Accelerator, we'll contact you via email to provide more information.