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Learn more about yourself, your organization, and growing your team

For a growing startup company, success and failure can come down to the team. Yet, startup founders may not take enough time to assess and build upon their own internal dynamics, roles, and work styles. Gallup’s Builder Profile is like Clifton StrengthsFinder, but for founders.

Gallup is running a research study all around founding teams and we want to show them what Wisconsin has to offer. Here’s the opportunity:

  • Your founding team gets to take the Builder Profile test for free. It’s a short test with incredible insights. We’re seeking founding teams (2-5 founders) of younger companies (less than 7 years, less than 50 employees) of any industry

  • Your team gets 3 free coaching sessions. Again, nothing too crazy, but a good conversation to help digest the Builder Profile results and turn them into actionable insights for growing your team.

  • Your team is invited to special Startup Week Milwaukee event on Wednesday, November 13. Our first coaching session will be an evening event with you all, plus a group of entrepreneurial students (potential interns/employees?!). This is optional!


Applications close at midnight, Sunday, September 15!

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