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Innovation Overview


Divergent + Convergent Innovation

What is Design Thinking?


Great Teams


Google’s Top Team Traits

All About Self-Managing Teams

How to Give Great Feedback

Market Research


Live Example of Market Research

Starbucks SWOT Example


Competitive Analysis


Overview of Competitive Analysis

Competitive Intelligence Strategy

What is Competitive Analysis?

Market Segmentation


Market Segmentation: How + Why?

Customer Persona Example

Selecting a Beachhead Market

Customer Discovery


4 Customer Discovery Hacks

The Power of Great Questions

How to Ask Great Questions

User Journey Mapping


Journey Mapping Overview

Why Journey Map?


Creative Ideation


How to Brainstorm

Basics of Brainstorming

6 Ways to Brainstorm

Strategic Decision-Making


Prioritization Matrix

DOT Voting Method

Desireability v. Feasibility v. Viability

MVPs + Prototyping


Lean Startup Overview

MVP Examples

Be Ready to Pivot!

Business Models


Business Model Formula

Revenue Models

Business Model Innovation

Total Addressable Market


Top Down v. Bottom Up

Top Down Explained

Bottom Up Explained

Value Proposition


The Business Model Canvas

The Value Proposition Canvas

Start with Why

Sales + Marketing


Direct Sales: SPIN

Growth Hacker Marketing

Inbound Marketing Overview

Pitch Design + Delivery


Great Pitch Tips

Body Language Superpower

It’s satire, but it’s good