Knowledge Drop #1 - Let's do this.

We are PUMPED to be working with you during the upcoming Entrepreneurial Skills Accelerator! We thought we would take the opportunity to provide you with some handy resources, inspiration and more to help you get ready to have fun and innovate with us! Congrats again by the way – this is kind of a big deal.

This series will help prepare you for your time with us as we dive into the deep end of innovation and entrepreneurship. We also hope that these resources and insights can continue to help you when you are out there in the "real world", kickin’ butt and takin’ names.

Let’s get started.


Our very first knowledge drop is all about design thinking - one of the core principles that we incorporate into our experiences and curriculum. Maybe you have heard of design thinking before or perhaps it is something shiny and new! Bottom line, it all comes down to EMPATHY. Someone more qualified than us, explains that design thinking is rooted in empathy "because it stresses the idea that the people you are designing for are your road map to innovative solutions. All you have to do empathize, understand them, and bring them along with you in the design process."

Here are a couple helpful, easy to digest resources (plus some inspiring words) for you all about Design Thinking...

#1 - The Five Stages of Design Thinking: this will give you a high level understanding of the concept and how you can use the process. Check out the full article here!

#2 - For all of you more visual learners, check out the video below or here

*Bonus: check out Stanford's "Design Thinking Bootleg" Deck (here) developed by their; literally a deck of cards you can pull out and use for inspiration or a way to come up with new ideas! You can thank us later

Lastly, words of inspiration from one of the greats…

Joe Poeschl