Knowledge Drop #2 - Let’s Talk Networking

Building Your Networks (1).png

At The Commons, we want you to be able to grow and develop your professional network so that you can really tap into all the opportunities around you. But how do you make those initial connections and how do you know they are meaningful? And what the heck is networking anyways?

Basically, in a nutshell, networking is relationships that transfer value between cool people in meaningful and productive ways. It is important because it allows you to connect, create and collaborate. We think one of the best ways to start making connections is by asking great questions and finding ways that you can offer value back to your connection.

 We’ll spend more time during the program talking about networking, but in the meantime here are a few helpful resources all about it - we hope you find them useful!

  1. Article: 7 Tips for Networking that Actually Works

  2. Article: Learn to Love Networking

  3. Video: How to Ask Better Questions

Joe Poeschl